Activities carried out by CHILFOS during its years of existence

In these founding years and despite the economic situation, CHILFOS spent several days in leisure activities, medical operations in different parts of the country, in Veron and in the bateyes of the center of Romana, making several donations of school supplies , baskets for pregnant women and rations in different sectors, educational days for the prevention of contagious diseases and family planning.


Promote the values ​​of solidarity, respect, fairness, honesty and equality in the communities of the most unfortunate children, in order to help them shape their future.

Given the unsanitary conditions in which these children live in a large part of the child population in the region, CHILFOS ‘fundamental vision is to protect the child population from social, health and educational risks, so as to create a more just environment, with a better quality of life.


Unite and coordinate the efforts and talents of people, organizations, and businesses that want to professionally partner with children’s support and assistance in Altagracia province, especially in the most vulnerable areas.

Meeting needs such as: food, clothing, education, family orientation.


To support professionally in economic, technical and specialized programs, families with limited resources, who participate in the socio-economic and cultural dynamics of abandoned and disadvantaged children, in order to improve their living conditions and to reach these levels of subsistence. those who improve considerably and completely.


Solidarity: We work for the common good, understood as a collective construction of which we are all subjects and responsible, which favors the relations

Participation: We understand that participation requires effective freedom, civil, social and political equality, access to information and channels that ensure the learning of the values ​​of individual responsibility, equality and respect for others.

Consistency: A clear correspondence between the principles and causes we advocate and our attitudes, which manifests itself in actions as an entity, in the way of organizing and linking internally and in the way of guiding and developing our activities in each area of ​​work.

Equity: We fight for the equal rights of children before the law and for justice (equity of opportunity).

Respect: We regard respect as an essential value of social cohesion, which promotes a culture of peace, good treatment and peaceful coexistence among peoples.

We also recognize and defend the richness of ecological diversity.

These are the winning numbers of the CHILFOS raffle

According to the raffle held on Wednesday, November 21, 2018, at 8:15 p.m. on Canal 18 CV Visión de Higuey, the list of winning numbers of the four prizes of the 1st Raffle CHILFOS 2018 are:


Samsung refrigerator 10 cubic feet


Gas cooker


32 inch Samsung TV


Gift certificate of 3000 pesos to use at SPS Pharmacy 24 hours of villa Bavaro

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