As time passes, we discover that who has health has almost everything. Apparently, and fortunately, many families see and recognize the importance of instilling good health habits at home. In CVs, prevention is better than cure. Enjoying healthy childhood can help our children have a full, productive and satisfying life in their old age.

Regardless of their race, color, language and where they come from, they will become one person or another depending on the education they have received and the environment in which they develop. They can absorb a lot of information when they are small, unconditional love and affection can not miss them for their good development, but as they grow and develop, it is necessary to focus in education.

Sport is not only good for the physical health of the child, it is also very good for your mental health; This will help them to have more confidence in themselves, to get closer to others and even to overcome certain diseases.

Every child has a skill that can be developed, which makes them stand out and be different from others. Identify in time that the ability not only allows parents to discover the true talent of their child, but “give him the opportunity to develop it and allow him to recognize if this ability will serve in the future,” according to the psychologist Liliana Correia of the International Clinic.


Is a non-profit foundation that works for education and improves the quality of life of / as children in different parts of the country. This was born on the thirteen (13) of November 2014, designed by a group of men and women concerned with the infant population, especially those who live in a totally difficult state, and those who live in the bateyes from the Dominican Republic. It is headquartered in the tourist area Bavaro-Punta Cana.

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